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          Personalized Portraits 


Outdoor Shoot:  $125     

Print Prices:    

    Wallets                $1.50 each / 76+ $1.00 each

    4 x 6 print           $15 - Duplicates - $7

    5 x 7 print           $20 - Duplicates - $10

    8 x 10 print         $40 - Duplicates - $20 (or full frame 8x12)

    11 x 14 print        $80 - Duplicates - $55

   10 x 28 print        $100

   16 x 20 print         $165


Print ready Digital files: $65 each; or choose 6 - 15 images for $350

CD to print Announcement Cards available. Pricing based on how many images you use. $15.00 per image + $15.00 set up fee. You can submit your own images if you want to include younger pictures or hobbies, sports, etc.. All images are chargeable.

Photobook: 8.5  x  11 -- 20 pages with (1) horizonal image per page or (2) verticals per page. $200 for first book and $125 for additional books.  

Canvas wraps: pricing available upon request.


Outdoor Shoot: What to Expect

  • The majority of my photo shoots are done 1 hour prior to sunset at Papago Park. If you have another location in mind, please feel free to discuss this with me.
  • A change of clothing is recommended. Keep in mind that we are shooting outdoors, blues, reds and greens work nicely for contrast.
  • Bring shoes to climb in for the sunset portion of the shoot.
  • You may bring your pet if someone is with you to help.
  • Feel free to bring something that represents your interests, which can be used as a  prop.
  • Don't worry about blemishes! They are easily removed!
  • Arrive happy and ready to have some fun!